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The Platform

I am running with a vision of transforming our jails into the clinical, trauma informed, and culturally responsive treatment programs they should be, keeping families connected to mitigate the emotional and financial impact of incarceration on loved ones, and restoring integrity in the justice system. I will increase manifold the options, rigor and incentives for clinical programming and job training, build a workforce that reflects both the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of the population served in the jails, and ensure that clinical treatment, diversity in staffing and robust re-entry supports are not simply vocalized priorities, but that they are REFLECTED in the budget and at every level of staffing. I will make every attempt to eliminate the current practice of charging for calls to family, make family visits and family therapy a priority, and do away with no contact visits wherever possible. I will refuse to accept campaign contributions from current employees, do away with nepotism and install innovative methods for increasing transparency with staff, inmates and for the public.


Jails as Clinical Treatment Centers

We are modernizing our world for the 21st century but our jails remain frozen in time valuing retribution over rehabilitation. It's time we transform our jails into the trauma informed clinical treatment facilities they should be.


Keeping Families Together

Incarceration at the county level lasts for two years or less. Let's bring innovation and compassion to keep families connected during jail time and mitigate the damaging impact of incarceration on children and families.


Restore Integrity in the Justice System

Our incarceration system must improve its methods for responding to  the concerns of prisoners and staff. I will create breakthrough methods for increasing transparency and accountability with staff, prisoners and the public. 

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