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Virginia's Vision

The Sheriff's job has been historically held by law enforcement professionals and career politicians. The Sheriff is responsible for the care, treatment, custody, rehabilitation, and re-entry of all the prisoners who are incarcerated at the county level.


Virginia Leigh is a licensed clinical social worker. Her training and background are critical for improving the current conditions and outcomes for those incarcerated and her vision offers a different approach to public safety through rehabilitation. Essex County will benefit from a clinician's perspective and will be a much-needed change in leadership. Our jails and prisons serve as the largest mental health and substance use treatment facility in Essex County. People's lives, livelihoods and community safety depend on dreaming up a new way to reduce our recidivism rates and better serve our most vulnerable populations behind bars.


We can all be part of this grassroots campaign to elect Virginia Leigh, the first female social worker in Massachusetts history as our new Sheriff. 

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